Ending Period Poverty

Female staff at Kaya Mawa

Female staff at Kaya Mawa

5 Sep 2019

Kaya Mawa is a hotel on Likoma Island, and one of the largest employers.

These are just some of the female staff who work there, ensuring that visitors who come to stay have the most magical experience. Ufulu was keen to run a workshop for the women at Kaya, so that they didn’t have to worry about their periods when they were working.

Most of the women in this photo were using cloth rags as sanitary protection prior to our workshop.  This meant that they ran the risk of leaking whilst at work, and worrying about what to do with their used rags, which is both unpleasant, and undignified.

This is a photo of Widge and some of their staff just after the workshop.  We think the smiles on their faces say it all.  We have given cups to all the women at Kaya who wanted one.  In return, they help us out by collecting used, clean, food tins from the kitchen, which we give out in our workshops, to enable the women to boil their cups clean every month. This helps with the island’s recycling as well – which we just love.