Ending Period Poverty



5 Sep 2019

This is Florida.

She lives in Nkwazi village on the south side of Likoma Island.  Florida spends half her time on Likoma, but the other half playing in the Malawi Women’s Football League.

She plays for the Sunshine DD team, who are based in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.  Florida attended one of our workshops as she had heard about the cups from one of her friends.  As a sportswoman, she was keen to find an alternative to cloth rags and pads, which were holding her back when she was playing league games.

Florida has come back to visit a couple of times and is so chuffed with her cup!  She’s told us that it makes a huge difference to her ability to play football – she can forget she has her period when she is wearing her cup.

Good luck Florida – we look forward to seeing you play footie