Ending Period Poverty

Pupils at Likoma Secondary School

Pupils at Likoma Secondary School

5 Sep 2019

These are some of the girls at Likoma Secondary School, which is at the northern most point of Likoma Island.

We were asked to run workshops at this school, by one of its Trustees, Joyce – who also features on this page.  In June 2019, just before term ended, we ran three workshops at the school over a weekend and provided cups to over 50 girls, including all the school leavers.

This ensures that they have a safe, clean sanitary product for the next 10 years and they don’t have to worry anymore.   We also gave a cup to Joy, who is the English teacher at the school and is the woman responsible for the girls who board at Likoma Secondary.  She will be on hand to help the girls with boiling their cups every month and liaises with us about any on-going questions the girls might have.

We look forward to working with Joy in the future and helping more girls from Likoma Secondary.