For women in Malawi, it’s that time of the month when they will use a cloth rag folded to the size of a brick between their legs instead of a pad. By the end of a hot, working day, it will be steeped in blood, causing rashes between their thighs. They will have to wash and dry it in secret.

That time of the month isn’t a period. It’s a lifetime of poverty, physical discomfort, and shame. Girls miss a week of school each month when they menstruate, destroying their education and driving the country’s gender gap  even deeper.

Chronic skin sores in the most intimate areas of a female’s body caused by a damp cloth, are harming their health long term.

Menstruation isn’t a choice.
We believe sanitary products 
are a basic human right.

We can turn those rags into relief. UFULU provides free menstrual cups to women and girls in Malawi and through women-to-women workshops, we provide vital education on menstruation.

UFULU is a movement to empower women by freeing them from a life that’s devastated by period poverty. We are creating a network for sustainable, long-term change to liberate women, and change the status quo for generations to come.

Period Poverty = Gender Inequality

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